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Lifetime warranty to the original owner. We stand by the quality of our knives 100%. If the knife comes loose, handle material breaks, blade breaks under normal use, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost to the original owner. Obvious neglect (using the knife as a screwdriver, crowbar, axe, hatchet etc....) and the wear and tear of many years using it will not be covered. Our knives come sharpened, so be careful when handling and using them.




If your knife is made out of a high carbon steel like the O1 tool steel, it can rust if neglected. We recommend cleaning your blade after use, then coating your blade with Ballistol oil, an environmentally friendly lubricant which is used on leather, firearms, knives and tools just to mention a few. You can also use an oil of your choice.....vegetable oil, WD40 etc. Be careful not to contaminate your food if you are using a toxic petroleum product. Please take care of your knife, keep it clean and oil it if necessary and it will serve you well for a long time.


If your knife comes with a wood handle, you have to take care of it also to have a long life. A thin coat of oil or wax can be applied occasionally to add protection and bring out the beauty of the wood. Should you desire to reshape your handle for a custom fit..........this is easily done with files, sandpaper or a Dremel tool. The Corby screws have a drop of epoxy applied to them. Also there is epoxy between the steel and the handles to keep moisture, liquids and fluids out and to have an even more secure, stronger hold.  



Must be 18 years old to purchase. The maker/owner of WoodBear-Knives is NOT responsible should you hurt, cut or kill any animals, yourself or others with our knives. Seek professional guidance before using WBK knives. By accepting this and using WBK knives, you are accepting all responsibilities and will NOT hold the maker/owner of WBK responsible for ANY illegal activities or lawsuits. You are responsible for knowing your own state laws. If you are purchasing a WBK are agreeing to the above.

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