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After a few years making knives for another company, in 2012 I started "playing" with my own designs. All my knives are tested in real life either by me or my my friends. Also I'm really grateful to the customers who called or emailed me with their feedback, testing results and opinions etc... Those ideas, suggestions or criticisms helped me design or redesign and making them better.


My goal is to design and make some simple, good looking and most importantly very usable, quality knives at an affordable price. I don't follow any formulas when it comes to designing a knife. If the prototype looks good and feels good in my hands, then I make a few and see how things develop. For the most part I learnt the craft on my own. I'm grateful to Ray Ennis, Wilbur Stegner, Rocco Chicarilli and John Mabe for letting me into their shop to "hang out" a little or just ask and ask and ask.....pick their brains.


When you invest in one of these knives, I am confident that it will serve you well for a long time. 


All my knives are handmade here in the US. Materials, parts, knife making related services are also coming from small and large businesses based in our country. Scandigrind, handmade bushcraft knives

scandigrind handmade bushcraft knives
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